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We have done many partial and a couple of full refits over the years.

As an example of the extent of work we are able to carry out, we completed a major refit on MV Sundancer, owned by Chris Ollivier of Hooked on Barrier Ltd in 2011, in order to make her suitable for her role as a passenger vessel. Sundancer is a Marlborough 38 and started her life as a fishing vessel, one of quite a few of the same design, a very proven one. Chris was very happy with the result and the vessel is still working in her role taking sightseers & fishermen around Great Barrier .

The refit included changing the layout in the foc’sle & wheelhouse as well as some repairs to the wheelhouse and a full repaint from wheelhouse roof to bottom. The engine was replaced and the fuel tanks were removed, cleaned, repaired, sandblasted & painted. Chris took the opportunity to have us steamclean and paint the engineroom before the tanks & replacement engine went in.

Mitch built a new wheelhouse floor, a new stern door & a new side wheelhouse door for quick access to the bow area, along with a new bowsprit, new battery boxes etc. He also built new panels for the back of the wheelhouse. This was completed in such a fashion as to be able to be easily removed so the engine can be removed for overhaul or repair. In addition there were some windows replaced and all new beads fitted to the wheelhouse windows.

The exterior was completely repainted in new colours, with the boottopping in the Hooked on Barrier colour. The bottom was antifouled with black instead of the previous red. Mattias did all the painting on her – interior & exterior – and he did a great job.

Karl built a new galley, plus seating and steering console. There was a lot of work involved in this & all to Karl’s normal high standard.

Involved in this project were other contractors including engineers, electricians, and upholsterers each completing their specialised tasks to make the project a success. Within the Whitianga area we have a group of contractors that can be called upon to carry out these tasks and we are able to manage the overall project.

Since the refit Chris has brought Sundancer back to us in both 2013 and 2015 to carry out normal maintenance and other bits and pieces.

At the present time we are completing a refit on the vessel “Scorpion”, an ex-fishing vessel, based on a Vindex, built by Ken Turner of Coromandel circa 1970. He built some very well-known wooden fishing vessels. We have repowered the vessel with a new engine, a new shaft, overhauled the steering system, removed the fuel tanks and cleaned them & re-piped the fuel system.  We shifted her into our shed at the Marina in order to repair and completely repaint the exterior. We replaced the engine cover insulation. We cleaned up all her brass beltings and have refitted them. She looks wonderful! We have fitted a SunWare solar panel to her roof, a new radar and electronics and new autopilot and the electrician has replaced and/or tidied up all the wiring. She went into the water for a sea trial and all went well. She is back out on the hard awaiting a new prop and then she’ll be ready for her owners to go fishing!

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